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Sex Crimes

South Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Defending Sex Crimes In Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, Ocean And Salem Counties

Sex crimes carry some of the harshest penalties under New Jersey criminal law. Not only do they carry mandatory periods of parole ineligibility, but also Meghan’s Law sex offender registration as well as parole supervision for life. Additionally, sex crimes are not limited to accusations of nonconsensual sexual conduct. Sexual contact with a minor, even one who may have lied about his or her age, is a sex crime offense regardless of whether you are aware that he or she was in fact underage.

As a prosecutor, I worked for a time in the Special Victims Unit, which specialized in sex crimes and crimes against children. I am familiar with the legal challenges that can be faced with these types of charges, from constitutional challenges to the admissibility of the evidence to attacking the credibility of the alleged victim with admissible evidence.

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