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Juvenile Waiver

The only thing that may be more scary than being charged with a criminal offense is having your child charged with one. While there are many diversionary programs available for juveniles, the prosecution will often ask the juvenile court to send more serious offenses up to adult criminal court. This can be devastating to the case outcome as the sentencing structure is much stricter in adult court than in juvenile court. Juvenile waiver can be fought in two ways. First, your attorney can challenge probable cause, and second, it can argue that your child can be rehabilitated without a waiver.

As a prosecutor, I spent time in the juvenile case unit and litigated numerous waiver hearings. Even if waiver is granted, the hearing itself is a monumental opportunity for your attorney to challenge and cross-examine each witness the state has in its case. Make sure you have reliable, diligent representation at a waiver hearing to ensure your child’s rights are being defended.

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