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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are often some of the most contentious criminal cases. Prosecutors across New Jersey take a very strong stance in domestic violence cases, often refusing to dismiss charges even when the victim is requesting that they do so or, in some cases, has recanted his or her statement to the police. What is more, these types of cases often have restrictions on a defendant’s residency as well as on contact with the victim and family members. Domestic violence cases can also lead to the loss of one’s Second Amendment Constitutional rights.

Oftentimes the victims in a domestic violence case will file for a restraining order. While a final restraining order hearing is separate from the criminal matter, the testimony made at the hearing, even by you as the defendant, can strongly impact the criminal charges. It is wise to have the same attorney represent you in both the final restraining order hearing as well as the criminal charges so that your legal strategy can be coordinated.

While it may be tempting to try to resolve these types of cases yourself, especially where the victim is not interested in prosecuting, it is vital that you understand the implications of any type of plea agreement and that you ensure all of your possible defenses are explored. As a prosecutor, I handled hundreds of domestic violence cases, and I am thoroughly familiar with the strengths, weaknesses and legal implications of these types of criminal matters.

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