Giving My Clients A Vigorous Defense

Advocating For Your Second Amendment Rights In New Jersey

Penalties for New Jersey gun crimes are harsh. People without criminal records can suffer from the state’s punitive laws. In other cases, law-abiding citizens are denied permits to own or carry legally owned firearms or must deal with forfeiture proceedings.

I am Hammonton attorney Louis Anthony Casadia, and I understand the complexities of New Jersey firearms law. I used to prosecute individuals charged with weapons offenses. But now I put that knowledge to use to defend their Second Amendment rights.

Experience is crucial to your defense. As a former prosecutor, I know the legal landscape in South Jersey inside and out and use this knowledge to advocate for you tenaciously.

Defending You Against Firearm And Weapons Charges

New Jersey’s firearm and weapons laws are among the strictest in the nation. If someone pleads guilty or is convicted of illegally possessing a firearm, the state will seek a mandatory prison sentence of five years without the possibility of parole for 3 ½ years.

If you face firearms or weapons charges, I am here to help. My mission is always to serve your best interests – whether seeking dismissal of charges, reducing penalties or tenaciously fighting for an acquittal in court.

I am familiar with legal defenses for these types of cases. I will scrutinize law enforcement actions to protect you from illegal searches. Also, I can explore potential exceptions to mandatory prison statutes.

Firearm Purchase And Permit Challenges

Many people who move here are unaware that New Jersey doesn’t honor firearm carry permits from other states. As a result, the state prosecutes many new residents who bring their lawfully owned firearms.

In some instances, longtime residents are also unfairly denied permits to own or carry weapons. As a knowledgeable firearm permit lawyer, I have the skill set to navigate the complicated appeals process for those unjustly denied.

I am committed to protecting your Constitutional rights so you can purchase and carry firearms as entitled by law.

Benefit From My Comprehensive Knowledge Of Firearms And Weapons Laws

As a New Jersey firearm lawyer and former prosecutor, I have worked on hundreds of weapons cases. I understand the legal defenses available when dealing with criminal charges and know how to navigate the confusing appeals process for unfairly denied permits.

For knowledgeable guidance, please call me 24/7 at 609-621-0015. You can also contact me online by describing your situation on the form provided. My philosophy is to represent and empower you throughout your legal journey. I will defend your Second Amendment rights with the tenacity you deserve.