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Bail Detention Hearing

Louis Anthony Casadia, Esquire: Former Prosecutor Now Fighting For You

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There is no longer any monetary bail in most criminal cases in New Jersey. You are either released with a court date at the time of arrest or held at the jail for what is called a “Detention Hearing” in front of a judge. At that detention hearing the judge will decide if you are going to be held at the County Jail until your case is over or if you will fight your charges from the street.

You usually only get one shot at this, so you have to make it count. If a judge detains, you can be held up to nine months in jail awaiting trial, but this time limit is easily increased, especially if you have inadequate representation. As a prosecutor, I have handled hundreds of detention hearings, and I am familiar with the facts New Jersey Courts are most concerned with at these types of hearings. Don’t wait to seek help until it is too late.

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