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Assault Charges

Louis Anthony Casadia, Esquire: Former Prosecutor Now Fighting For You

South Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Defending Assault Charges In Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, Ocean And Salem Counties

In New Jersey, a single punch can quickly escalate into criminal charges. A victim’s broken nose allows for third-degree felony aggravated assault charges in New Jersey. Add in a weapon, and you could quickly find yourself charged with second-degree aggravated assault which carries a five to ten-year sentencing range with a parole ineligibility period of 85% of the sentence. In addition, if the victim is of a certain background and is working in that capacity during the assault, such as a police officer, teacher or EMS worker, even a simple punch without actual injury can be charged as a third-degree aggravated assault.

As a prosecutor, I handled hundreds of assault charges, and I am very familiar with the defenses available to you, including self-defense and defense of others.

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