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Firearms and Weapons Charges

New Jersey has some of the strictest and most punitive firearm and weapons laws in the country. Unlawfully possessing a firearm in New Jersey will subject you to a mandatory sentence of 5 years New Jersey State Prison with a 3.5-year parole ineligibility period. Even those with firearm carry permits from other states are not safe as New Jersey does not honor such permits. Unsuspecting lawful gun owners are routinely prosecuted for bringing their lawfully owned firearms into New Jersey during trips to the state.

I have handled hundreds of firearm and weapons charges. I am familiar with the legal defenses available to you in these types of charges. Often these charges are the result of some sort of search that may be challenged in court under your Fourth Amendment Rights. Additionally, New Jersey gun laws have exceptions to the mandatory prison time that can be explored by your attorney. It is vital that you have experienced counsel thoroughly review your case to determine if these defenses are available to you.

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