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Final Restraining Order

A final restraining order impacts your ability to communicate with the plaintiff and has other ancillary effects on your life. Firstly, if you shared any living space or public gathering places with the plaintiff, you will have to make other arrangements that prevent you from being physically present with him or her. Second, you will lose your right to own a firearm in New Jersey, and Third, you will be a “certain person” under the law who is prohibited from owning a weapon, subjecting you to criminal charges if you do so.

You are not entitled to an attorney at a final restraining order hearing. Further, there is no discovery process like in a criminal case to ensure that you have all of the evidence that will be presented against you ahead of time. You may go into a hearing completely unaware that the plaintiff will be submitting physical or electronic evidence against you, and once you begin the hearing, it will normally be too late to postpone it. You should make sure you have diligent, thorough representation for any final restraining order hearing, especially when you are also facing criminal charges.

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